Materials, Textures and Shaders - difference and editor each time?

What is the difference between materials, textures and shaders?

Each time I have to apply brick materials to a wall, and stone material to the floor of a scene, must I have to go into the material editor [shown below] and edit/play with those nodes?

Or, can I edit those nodes in advance and create each material and save them and simply call them up whenever I need them and simply drag and drop them to my wall and floor or whatever surface when I need them?

Therefore when I create my **NEW ** materials I can add them to the collection e.g. the collection below.

-texture -> just a picture
-shader/material -> Shader - Wikipedia

You can create master materials (e.g one for wood) and from the master material you create material instance constants where you just have to apply the texture -> but you still have to drag and drop the materials on your mesh :slight_smile:

Thanks. If a master material was created for wood, why does one still have to create a material instance constant and also apply a wood texture? Doesn’t the master wood material already contain the ‘woodiness’ appearance so the user can just drag and drop it onto the mesh?

It depends on what exactly you want to do -> with my suggestion you can easily use different wood textures without creating a new material (you just need a material instance constant) :slight_smile:
But when you just want a wood material with one texture, just apply it to different meshes -> then you can use one wood material for all your wood meshes

Thanks again fighter, since I am new to all this I think I need to do some reading as I am still a bit confused and need to get my grasp on what a material instance constant is. I will read up the Epic Games UE help file doc.