Materials somewhat randomly not appearing


First off let me know if this shouldn’t be int he rendering category. I have made some simple materials to put on some cubes. I imported them as png’s and converted them to materials as shown in this picture.

I then use them on a 7 different cubes. Here is where the problem begins. After coming back to my project the materials do not appear on the cubes I placed them on in the content browser except for one of them.

If I open any of the cubes blueprint of the cubes it will appear normal in their viewport.

If I place a pawn in the level or spawn it with the spawn actor blueprint node it will not have the material except for the blue one that appears normally. I believe I set them all up the same. I have restarted Unreal a couple times and has not changed. I have rebuilt the game as well which didn’t change anything.

Here they are placed in the level.

I figured it out right away… For some reason there was a second cube added besides the inherited one that was covering the one that was textured.