Materials on Blender models

Got 2 cubes, similar dimensions with the same material
The right one is what I got from Blender, the left one is from UE4.

Why are the materials shown differentely?

i’ll take a wild guess here and say that you haven’t done the uvw mapping in blender before you exported it.
also don’t forget to apply a material/texture to the mesh in blender before you export.

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The UV mapping is not the problem, it is simply not possible to get the materials from Blender. You must apply material / texture yes, and in real you import materials and textures. The textures will not be imported , so they need to be imported manually, and then you must apply them on the materials inside Unreal. That is for Cycles. For blender render you will get the materials with you.

If there is a material set up in blender in will import to Unreal Engine 4. Also it will import your diffuse/colour and your normalmap and already connect it via the material node editor in Unreal Engine 4. Other textures like AO it will import the texture but not connect it via the nodes. As @Geodav said you need a UV MAP.

You can watch the video below. At 8:31 I import the model and the textures and material are added as well.