materials not rendering (in scene) & matinee

hey all -

thinking this may be a graphic card issue. i’ve bumped up everything to epic settings - yet the problem persists.

as you can see below - the materials render arbitrarily - not constant. this is ‘in-scene’ as well as my matinee. screen grabs below - and a quick snippet of my movie - you’ll notice how the materials render intermittently - including lighting - seems to change intensity, again - arbitrarily. :stuck_out_tongue:

any suggestions?

thanks - jv





Put a box reflection capture object in the street and inside the shop.

thanks jacky -

will try this momentarily - as i’m on another project. :smiley: but super appreciated!

so that didn’t seem to resolve it - but thanks anyways. gonna take a break from this scene - too frustrating. :wink: