Materials Not Packaging

Hello, I’m looking for any ideas to help solve an annoying material problem.

After packaging a client build, some items and clothing are displaying this strange material that looks nothing like the material that should be on the meshes. This is happening for static and skeletal meshes in many folders all over the project.

I found some posts that suggested enabling Used with Static Lighting and Used with Instanced Static Meshes but that did not make a difference. This is only happening in packaged builds, not in editor. We use Perforce source control with read only file locking. Do you know what could be causing this?

I would recommend exporting the offending mesh & materials to an empty project and then try to package that empty project and see if you can reproduce the problem. If you can, then you can start digging into the material nodes and settings and start turning things on and off and see where it starts to break. Is it a material problem? A texture problem? a logic problem? a setting problem? hard to say just from this image.

I think it’s related to the memory because when I open an asset and its shaders compile before export, the materials export correctly.