Materials missing in viewport [4.26]

When I open a 4.25 project with latest 4.26 Preview 7 my materials go missing in the viewport.
Yet if I inspect the actual materials in the instance editor I can see all the Texture Maps.

The error I see is

error x3004: undeclared identifier

What gives?
How do I get my materials to show up?

Am using Megascan textures and materials.

I’m very curious about this, I’m also getting the same error to with 4.26 Preview 7. If I manage to fix this, I’ll update.

OK, I found “Try uncheck “Crack Free Displacement” is a bug in UE 4.26 preview 7” and that worked!

could you give a little more info please? as experiencing the same thing…

where are we unchecking ‘crack free displacement’?


yes, exactly