Materials look too dark

Hello there, first time using unreal engine 4. After applying materials to my objects, they look ok in mesh preview, but when i go back to my scene, they look too dark, as you can see the metal part on the bed looks too dark. I also have the same problem for a wood material, its also dark.

PS: I exported my textures out of substance painter.

Why am I getting this problem?

  1. bed

  1. chair

![alt text][4]

Just add more light. Skylight, or directional.

Check if your packed map (AO/Rough/Metal) has sRGB off.
Try rebuilding reflections!
And check mainly your light. The Skybox on the Static Mesh editor is very bright, different from the one you have on the level.

I have played around with exposure levels and that seemed to fix the problem somewhat :slight_smile: