Materials blur when material editor is closed

Hi Guys,

All materials are fine if the material editor window is opening, and some materials go wrong if the material editor window is closed… any idea?

Below are some facts hope it may help

  • It seems like all blurred material has more than diffuse map, ie roughness map, normal map, etc; simple material (ie just value on roughness no map) seems good so far, but i am not sure about this.
  • the blurred material remains blurred using `high res shot.
  • All mesh are static, no LOD, no skeleton, no blueprint expect BP sky.
  • Same error happen either using GPU or CPU baking
  • I do archviz, most project setting are same, some times i have no this error other projects even using the same material.


The problem is texture streaming.

Since you are using UE4 for archvis you can afford to turn off texture streaming.

Thank you sooooo much FrankieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeV