Materials appear rough and reflections are gone in VR

I am a total beginner at this so sorry if this is a dumb question but I have been googling for hours and haven’t found anything that can help me.

I am doing an archviz project at school and I was working on the DK2, first person template in UE4. Got everything to work properly, lighting looking good, reflections on marble countertops were great and shiny kithcen cupboards were reflecting the wooden floor. Later in the project (last wednesday to be excact) me and my colleague got the HTC VIVE. We were excited to see if it would be easy to migrate the project from the FPS template to the VR Template. (The Motion controller map). It was rather easy but as I said the materials got flat, they seem much more shiny in the editor. Reflections just vanished and we tried using the sphere/box reflection capture but the results are nowhere near the same as in the FPS template. (those were the natural reflections of the material, no reflection sphere there)

We later tried to reproduce this in a clean project and found out that materials DO INFACT look less shiny and not reflective at all in the VR Template file! It seems to be very difficult to get proper reflections in the VR template.

In the attached file you can see the reflections on the kitchen cabinet. These just vanish when seen in the VR template with the Vive, but in the FPS template with the DK2 they were fine!

My guess would be some sort of performance cap in the VR template to allow for more framerate in the HMD’s but we have a fairly powerful desktop and would really like to get those reflections!

The VR template turns off some project wide performance settings, which would explain this behaviour. In your specific case, you’ll probably want to go to your project settings->rendering and turn on SSR, check your post process volume isn’t disabling SSR, and make sure your editor quality settings are at Epic quality, otherwise SSR won’t appear. Just FYI, quality settings in the editor don’t carry over to packaged games, you’ll need to customize the config files in the packaged game.