Materials and performance cost


I’m trying to find out the best approach to take for a project. I need to have a low performance cost.

Do I make a single texture (with additional maps in the RGB channels) and a single material instance for each furniture/prop fbx, or should I have multiple material sets on an fbx and then reuse global material instances (like wood, chrome, painted metal etc)? For example, separating the metal parts into one material set, and wooden parts to another.

I am not sure what the difference in performance would be.

Use as few materials as possible, ideally an object uses one material. It’s best to create the material effect you’re looking for with your texture maps. Each material used adds a draw call.

I understand I need to cut down materials to reduce draw calls, but if you are reusing global material instances instead of making a new materials for each individual object wouldn’t that reduce them?

Or does having two texture sets on the object increase it again?