Materials and Geometry Brushes/Static Mesh


First time poster, just started messing with Unreal today, been watching videos for a bit. As always, I’m probably overthinking or missing something entirely, so I am reaching out to everyone here :slight_smile:

  • I am using the Geometry brushes to just create a spiral staircase. Nothing special.
  • I created a material, applied the constant for color and roughness, material looks great in preview. No problem.
  • I apply the material to the geometry brush, then build, the material goes grey/black.
  • If I convert to static mesh, and apply the material, then build, the same thing happens.
  • If I assign this material to a basic shape, like a sphere, and build, the material colors are perfectly fine.

Been trying to Google 10 different variations of “Material is black after build” or “material loses color after build” or “static mesh material missing color” but I am obviously just missing something. I believe I found a few places where they mentioned the UV, but I didn’t think I would have to do anything special after converting it to a static mesh, but I did just start today.

Any help would be stupendous. I’m already loving Unreal way more than Unity.

You need to make a lightmap on the new mesh.

Or, just use dynamic ( moveable ) lighting while you’re working, there’s no point in using static lighting while you’re prototyping…

beautiful, thanks! I will look into making a lightmap.

The reason I’m doing all of the fancy stuff and using static is really all for learning. I am hearing mixed information from the documentation and different forums about what is better and I kinda just want to check it out.


Ok, so I read that it you need to generate a lightmap in the Static Mesh Editor by choosing to generate a lightmap, and it is set that way by default. Still, when I build, the lighting is dark and unrealistic.

So, it needs the lightmap AND a material :wink:

I know, I did that. See attached :slight_smile:

OK, you deleted the skylight. Try putting that back in. Tweaking later… :>

Try it in a totally default level.

I started a brand new level, brought in standard cube and a geometry brush staircase, converted that to static mesh.

I applied the same material to both, and build. The attached is the result.

Ok, change the skylight from static to stationary. You would have it on stationary anyway, unless your a *********…



( by the way, that censored thing said mas-o-ch - ist, I don’t know if that will make it… )

EDIT2: I just got the stairs to go white by upping the lightmap res from 64 to 256 ( with a static skylight ).

EDIT3: I take that back! - Just don’t have a static skylight, it’s not good anyway… :slight_smile:

EDIT900: Finally:

Unreal is good enough to make the lightmap for you, but forgets to point to the correct coordinate index.

Yep! That was it. Those extended menus are obnoxiously hidden. Thanks!

And then after changing the LMR, you have to change it again, a bit further down…