Hi everyone,
First of all, sorry of my english, i’m french.

I’ve made a material that make a julia’s set fractal in 2D. I’m starting with uv coordinate and plug it in my custom expression that makes the algorithme of the julia’s set. My custom expretion output a vector3 witch represent the color of every pixel of my material. I plug this vector in my base color. It work’s fine in the preview screen but when i apply this material on a static mesh in the game world, every pixel seem’s to move, or change color. I have put my material resolution to the maximum but it’s not working. It seems like a problem of oversampling and i don’t know how to fixe it. My custom expression is not using a parameter that change over time. ce3431d836c7cfe47175f0903a163827adbcd70a.pngd585f50f8cf727829aa6cd908a1566f3e89e6d07.pngCapture3.PNG

Thank you

Out of curiosity, do you happen to have a video? I think that would drastically help with troubleshooting this.

Weird… Honestly, I would check to make sure the algorithm is correct (First and foremost).
Secondly, have you clamped your values properly? It could be some of your math is outside the needed range, and therefor is causing this artifact.
Third, if you have any parameters that have to do with time or time scale, I would double check those.

These are just some ideas (Being that I don’t know what the math in your algorithm looks like).

Also looks like it could be a lack of temporal AA, or it’s not responding to it well. Try switching to FXAA to see if the jutter remains.