How can I specify or assign the Blend Mode for the “MakeMaterialAttributes” node?

What? There is no “blend mode”.
if you have 2 attributes you break the attributes, do the mixing, and make attributes again - or use a pre-made function which is probably called blend material attributes.

You likely mean something else… if not. Copy the function, change the lerps to whatever blend node you want.

Thank you very much for your response… I guess… I need to explain a little bit more what I am looking for.

How can I animate the opacity of an object within the Sequencer?

Even if the question sounds fairly easy… here is a Video I had to document to actually showcase the problem I have.

I might be wrong, but this sounds like a case for a Lerp, unless i miss something very important :slight_smile: something like this:

holy cow… thank you so much suthriel… you made my day!!! :slight_smile: