Material with textures on top of eachother question.

Hi i am working on a material for a cutomizable character. Right now i have 3 textures on top of each other. Im am currently working on putting on a shirt texture on top of the skin texture. I have only been able to do this if i use a alpha mask. I am wodering if i can do this without using alpha mask as i want a large number of shirts the character can wear and so that means i will need a separate alpha mask for each shirt type. Another problem is i am also going to add face paint options. These are png´s with partial transparency wich is important for the face paint to look right so this will not work with alpha masks.
I am wondering how to do this. I am currently using lerp but i suspect this is the wrong node to use, in the image i uploaded it shows what happens when i dont use alpha mask with lerp. I basically want the textures to behave like layers in photo shop on top of eachother. Is there a node that can do this?

You will want to take a look at Material Layers (experimental but is already used in Fortnite)

Watch the videos from Epic about it.

Thank you! I will check it out.

Hey @P19923 - Do be cautious when exploring the Material Layers feature. It’s experimental, as NilsonLima mentioned, and development on Material Layers has been put on hold. To be clear, it is not used in Fortnite at this time and still needs work for stability.

I understood from a video which it was in use for some Fortnite characters… I think on video from Allan, but if it is on hold is in fact a good thing to know, I think it is stable enough, thou maybe something I don’t know about. It would be nice to hear from this and how it will be handled, I thought it is very useful and I have made lots of well succeeded experiments.

Thank you for the advice Amanda.Bott and NilsonLima ,i will probably stay away from experimental functions. But is there any other solution? I thought about removing the face paint option and just make separate alpha masks for different type of shirt. But i want the female goblin version to have makeup options. If i where to include the parts of the base sking color in the makeup texture i would have to do each makeup type in 4 versions for the current 4 skin colors the player can choose from. (And i also want to add a few more skin colors) So that would mean ALOT of extra texture files.