Material with Multiple Sphere Masks?

No. Every mask must be implemented in material, and all of them must be interpolated with each other somehow. Its like you have a few texture parameters.

No. With blueprint you can set some parameters of mask, but not mask itself.

Its madness. For which purpose you need it? Maybe you can make some explanation?

I was watching this tutorial: WTF Is? Material - Sphere Mask in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

In this tutorial, Mathew uses an actor to drive the location parameters of a sphere mask for his cube’s material. Is there a way for the cube’s material to account for multiple actors creating sphere masks without individually programming each actor’s mask?

Do you think it’s possible to generate the 3d mask through blueprints?

And would having about 100 different sphere masks within a material be taxing on performance?

I’m using a material function connected to the glow of each material in my scene to illuminate my scene instead of using a skylight. With 3d masks, I can remove some of that illumination to fake darker areas without using stuff like distance field ambient occlusion.

I probably won’t need 100…but it will take some man hours, assuming I can do it.