Material with markings at fixed locations (Runway material without using textures)

Is there a way to build a runway without using pre-built images with runway markings? I have built a tarmac material by modifying some of the materials in the starter content but I am unable to add proper markings using decals. The decals disappear after a certain distance and pre-built textures don’t look as good as material using shaders. I want to build something similar to attached image but more real looking. Any ideas?


The easiest is probably to use a modulative material on top of the tiling asphalt. That is actually what we did for most of the markings on the roads in the gears trilogy (although those were very worn down and faded so never reached full white).
You can easily have different versions of the stripe mesh. If the modulative approach isn’t working with your underlying texture or you need very clear bold stripes, you could use a masked material instead that has its own texture in the stripes. With masked you could actually build up a normal map using a blurred alpha (using height to normals nvidia photoshop filter or crazybump ect) and give your stripes some 3d thickness for really thick runway stripes.

Please excuse my ignorance, I am a beginner. I don’t follow what you are saying. How do I create modulative material? How do I add a mask to a material? I like the idea of thick stripes with normal maps.