material washed out even if set to unlit

Im doing some stylized stuff and I dont want the materials to be washed out.

Ive turned off the tonemapper, but in lit mode, my model(either set to lit or unlit in the shader properties) is still super washed out.

If i try to bump the color using emissive(multipling the original color by a float) my models just begins to glow or be even more washed out. I disabled all the post process volumes in the scene and this still happens/ Unlit display mode works with beautiful colors.

ive read several posts about the import texture settings, my textures srgb is off, linear color is off(so basically is loading as "color), and the fact it looks great in unlit preview mode makes me think all is good with the textures, i just dont know what to do to get them to look good in lit mode too(specially since turning them to unlit doesnt seem to help much)

not entirely sure what i can do to work this out.

I think all the stylized packs I have ( for example )

just have a texture plugged into the albedo. Nothing special happening in the material.

Are you trying too hard perhaps, or do you mean a different look?

here’s a representation of my issue

id expect unlit material in LIT MODE with the color into emissive to act the same way as unlit mode , but that isnt the case. in fact it just starts glowing like crazy.
also, textures are super washed out compared to the unlit mode.

My original plan was to leave the model as lit, and then bump the colors a bit by using the color into emissive but multiplied by a small number, but clearly isnt working out. the wholething just starts to glow.
if anyone can shed some light on how to get a better color representation from unlit mode into lit that doesn’t glow like crazy would be wonderful

Out of those, lit with color into albedo is clearly the best.

If you want to pump up the color, use a desaturate node on about -.1 or -.2.