Material UV coordinates not translating in level

So I’m trying to have material be a portion of my sprite sheet, the second texture sample below is the original size without UV…

But when using the material it shows up like this whenever I just drag the material onto the mesh…

Not having much luck, the only solution seems to be going into a image editor and cropping out each part… I also used the extract feature in unreal as a grid but then found out I can’t use sprites in materials… Any suggestions are welcome!

Sincerely and grammatically challenged,

The UV coordinates in your material will only make sense if the mesh has correct UVs. You can try and compensate for the bad UVs inside the material or fix them in something like Blender.

Did you try this sort of thing?

You have to use a material instance for the parameters to make sense:

Know of anyway to tile that too? I was wondering if there was a function to do that I was about make it into one… Thanks for showing me that…

That’s why I’m having an issue. The default cube and floors UV seems good… Wonder if there’s a good way to tile in combination of the SubUV function… Thank you, this is pointing me in the right direction (:

I understand now. If you plug your TexCoord into an Fmod node then you can get a nice tile effect. Not sure if that also applies to the SubUV function.

Can’t get it to work since the draw a portion of the texture the UV it has to be under 1 and to repeat it has to be over 1… Unless theres some way to grab the RGB param and repeat it… I’ll have to either crop out in a image editor what I want or just use different assets. Or of course like you said and handle the UV maping in blender… Thanks for all your help.