Material turns white! It should be a blue water material!

Me and my friend are working on a Project and we want a nice water texture, but when we add it to the plate, it just turns white!
If we go on a safe distance it starts showing itself again, but if you go closer, its just white!!!

if i had to guess id say that there was a second plane occupying the same space. and if it weren’t a solid color then i would have guess the uv unwrap.

can you post a picture of the material and its settings?


Those are the materials and its settings, hope you can tell us what the fault is

Here again in some better Quality :wink:


It somehow just turns white, but the more distance there is between us, it turns blue again!

i would guess that the distance to nearest surface node is to blame here (im no material expert). the issue im thinking is in the alpha for the lerp since you are interpolating between white and blue.

first : ty 4 your fast answer ^^
and second, which of the nodes do you mean?

what do you mean what do i mean? i named the node by name. ok so to test this go to the lerp node just before the base color and disconnect the alpha. now with the node selected go to the details panel in the bottom left and look for the alpha value. try putting in 0, 0.5, and 1. and recompiling between each. that should give you all white, light blue, and all blue. if this functions properly then you will know that the issue lies in the logic leading to the alpha pin.