Material Transparency Broken in 4.13?

BUG REPORT: Material Transparency Broken in 4.13?

This is a 4.13 issue. Got the promoted from git last Thursday. After some excitement i built out a GearVR Project and…

Any transparency / transparent material will not render in project build. did some testing and All Transparent Materials are Broken.

In PIE all is fine when played in window. transparency works. But not after build.

My target project is for GearVR - Android. I have been using 4.11 and have not any issues before with transparencies. Will not be using 4.12 as I am wanting the use of the VR templates in 4.13

I have rebuilt engine 3 times over the weekend and each time same results.

After sent to GearVR objects are in world but completely transparent. not matter what percent. 100 to 0 all become invisible. All Engine pre made transparent materials do the same.

I have not built a PC project as a PC build yet since my target is for GearVR.

Was told to report here…

i did keep getting this in which I thought might be a key to some problems…

the lines in yellow about ‘Log Render Warning Mismatch between bShouldGenerteLowQualityLightmaps has been depreciated’

argh… anyway hope this info is a start.

any help is gonna be greatly appreciated. can not live without transparencies.

also posted in rendering, first time bug reporting sorry for 2 areas used…

Hi William,

It’s not uncommon for Master or Promoted builds to have issues since these are in active development. We don’t typically report bugs with these branches as these are often caught by our Engine QA team.

Checking my latest build from today everything is working as I would expect with Translucent materials when I launch to my Note4 device at my desk.

Thank you.