Material textures smudge at random

Screenshots would be helpful. Does it only happen in the PIE, or the baked game or what?

There you go!
This happens both in the wievport and preview.

This is killing my unreal engine 4 experience!

Here’s the deal ok. Let’s say I build a room using BSP’s and when finished I want to add some materials to make it look good.
So I apply the material(s) and so far everything looks good, I even align each surface as “Wall” “floor” ect.
Then seamingly at random the textures on my walls and floors gets compressed and smudged leaving a less than impressive look on my whole project.
So far I can for certain say that scaling the U and V parameters doesn’t resolve the issue, allthough it fixes the texture temporarily, the texture jumps back to it’s smudged state (at random)

Am I the only one that’s experienced this?
I couldn’t find any solution anywhere on the web.

When this happens after the light build → it’s a known bug and will be surely fixed in the next version :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked with BSP’s much but that sure looks like they don’t have UV unwrapping, so the texture doesn’t ‘know’ how to apply without massive stretching.

That’s actually wonderful to hear! This always happens after rebuilding!
I’ll just keep working on my game then! Thanks for replying to the both of you!

That said, you shouldnt use bsp if possible. you can use it for the blocking out stages of your level/map/environment but its not suggested nor recommended to use bsp for final products.

the sooner you move to static meshes (made in an external 3d application) the better.