Material Texture that can achieve this effect?

Hello community!

I’m a unreal engine newb, currently working on my first game, diligently trying to learn the in’s and out’s of the engine. I was working with my artist to create a certain effect for a specific environment in my game and I wanted to know if something like this can be created with a material texture instead.

you’ll find attached the two effects. One is a linear gradient that is applied to a flat square on Photoshop, the other is once that gradient has been applied, an effect called crystallize is applied, giving it this polygon look.

trying to create a floor like this that looks good on tilemap has been a bit of a pain and I wanted to ask if its possible to create a material shader or texture (not sure what it’s called, please forgive me ) that can give a flat square this look or maybe a look across all squares in the tilemap or so. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I figure it would start with the material and maybe I can then escalate the question to paper2d for how to apply it on a tilemap properly.

Thank you for your time,
Alex Batista

I would use texture that contain texture coordinate distorts on r and g channels. Basically that texture would contain xy offsets to closest voronoi cell center. Then you use this texture to remap uv’s to any color texture that you want to use.

I think I get the idea of what you’re saying. to verify, when you mean remap uv’s in the material editor, its to connect these texture coordinate distorts on r and g channels, create a single node line from them and connect it to the sample texture slot that says UV, correct?

So step 1. take the sample and grab the R and G node lines
2. add or multiply them to a certain number to create an offset
3. Take those two offsets and create a single node so as to grab a line then plug it into another sample texture with the thing I want to actually effect at the UV slot?