Material Texture Sample count inconsistent


I’m working on a new Landscape Material and was testing some stuff and got some errors with the count of Texture Samples. In other words I don’t understand the counting logic.

I set this material up with the comment of each function represents the texture samples used in each function. Which makes a total of 15/16 Samples. This worked fine until I replace a function with another with the same Texture Sample count.

So I created a new material that is way simpler to test it out and added 4 different Textures and the Count is at 2/16. How is UE4.15 counting the texture samples and why is it different every time? I mainly work with UE 4.13 and never had any of these issues there.

There are several things you should consider.
Firstly, texture samplers of the same texture are not increasing the count, provided they are placed in a single material function.
Secondly, if the sampler type is set to shared:wrap, it won’t increase the count either.
And lastly, the way your LandscapeLayerBlend material expression preview weights are set might affect overall count, since layers with a weight of 0 are skipped.