Material Texture Perfect Pixel (no interpolation filter or mipmap)

I research an option in texture or material to remove the interpolation between pixel.
The best explanation is with images
Here an exemple done with Houdini (array of sphere, each sphere have uv coordinate corresponding of 1 pixel)

So i got a little texture of 13*10 pixel.

When i apply the texture with a material in houdini it work well (just have to use the Filter Type of my image : to Point(noFilter)
Same test with Blender : with to option of the texture ‘Closest’ it

But with unreal i get some interpolation, and i can’t find the parameter to not use interpolation between pixel.
I try : no mipmap, compression setting : VectorDisplacemnt…

It’s all about knowledge, because i know if i increase the size of the texture by 3 or more i will not see the interpolation. But i want to know if the option exist.
Here the link of the OBJ and little texture if you want to test it :
Thanks a lot.

In your texture asset expand the Texture panel to show advanced details. Set Filter to Nearest from Default.

Ahah, How can i miss it !

Thanks a lot, this solves one of my problems too :slight_smile: