Material/texture not updating on landscape

Hi all,

Been learning UE4 for the past couple days and rlly enjoying it so far.

Although, here I have come across my first problem.

I’ve been following the UE4 beginner tutorials by OnlineMediaTutor @ YouTube, and in episode 20 and 21 we created the landscape material. During episode 21, he states that when you are paiting the landscape, it will go to these grid squares for a second as they need to reload (or something along those lines)

Majority of my landscape has textures, but parts are still stuck with grid squares and won’t update. I’ve restarted UE4 and that has not changed anything. I’m not too sure what else to do here.

Here are some pictures for reference:

And here is the blueprint code for the landscape material


Saw your post on reddit.

Couple things to try, first create a separate UV node for each group so from 1 to 3.

You might need to create a node for each layer. Set the first layer to Alpha.

You can also change the UV size per material layer so you can change the scale sometimes I do this to use the same material as player path layer and scale it down so I get the small details.

Also my trick when doing new terrain is to set the brush to the biggest size and set the strength to full or 1 and paint each layer on top of each covering the entire terrain with the new layer it seems to kick start the blending of the materials, after you do that you can reset it by painting your grass layer everywhere.

Try for each texture node switch Semple Source to Shared: Wrap.


Thanks! This just helped me