Material Texture Is Invisible When Clamp is Used

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to wrap my head around something that’s happening with a material in UE4.

I’m trying to take a texture, create a material out of it, and then map it to the face of a cube. When I set the X and Y Tiling Method in the texture to Clamp, the texture is not displayed at all when the material is applied to a mesh (the basic Box in this case). When I set it to ‘wrap’ or ‘reflection’ the texture displays. However, regardless of how large the box is the texture is repeated 4 times in each quadrant of the face.

When I’m looking at the preview in the Material Editor it displays as expected.

Thanks in advance!

Need a screen-shot of your material setup and the cube to see why.

However, if you want to repeat a texture across a surface, you have to use Wrap anyway. Otherwise with clamp, you’ll only get the border pixels of the texture mapping across the rest of the surface. Make sure your UV’s are in 0 > 1 space as well on your object.