Material Switch Node With Value Plug-in?

You can use LERP node for that.

There is a component mask parameter. That is the closes thing, allowing you to select from 4 scalars. Besides that, there is no switches for several values.

Is there a node that functions the same as a static switch node except it has a value plug in rather than just true and false?
One problem is that a scalar parameter is a float not an integer, would it be possible to get something like a integer parameter?

Are you referring to ‘Lerp_Multiple_float3’? Because that doesn’t entirely achieve what I want.
Imagine a material instance with a true or false checkbox, but instead instead of 1 or 0 it has multiple values that can be put in. The problem with lerp is it inputs a float 3 value, whereas something like switch just redirects where the input comes from meaning I can input more than just a single float3.