Material stretching

Hi everyone!

Hou could I stretch blue dots to the entire texture (to all corners of the texture)
I saw similar functionality in the Photoshop program

I have the coordinates of all 4 blue points.

(I need to convert the whole texture just to the part, that looks like trapezoid)

If you mean ‘make the image fit my texture’ you need to make a new asset with the texture the correct size. If you mean ‘stretch the texture in the material’, then you need to use the TextureCoordinate node.

Yes, "Stretch the texture in the material.

From first picture to second, but I am bad at the material nodes, so I really dont get, how I could do it. If you could show me your material nodes, it would be great

Ok, these are just texture pictures, do you have a material? Are you putting it on a mesh?

Are you trying to fix the texture inside the material? It would be easier to just start with the correct texture.

I need correctly mapping this picture, I am trying to do “Coyote effect” like here: Wile E. Coyote Effect | Matt Stark’s Game Development Portfolio

But I don`t know, how to use matrices for texture, so I am trying to stretch texture

He isn’t stretching the texture. The texture is just applied to the wall, the perspective in the engine does the stretching.

I tried to do the same code for material, but nothing happens… where did i go wrong?

Like I say, I think the texture is just placed directly on the mesh ( just an albedo plugged into the color ). The perspective is handled by the engine.