Material snow / sand

Hello, I’d like to know how was made the snow can be seen on this image :

So how to give effect to this powder ? Also, if I want to achieve sand, is that it is the same realization that to make snow ?

ground → is just an ordinary ground texture – take a look at the snow texture from the landscape demo, cave/effects demo
particle → just a flipbook texture that includes different shapes of snowflakes + PTV Unreal Engine 4 Particle Systems Tutorial 1 (Let It Snow!) - YouTube
trees → a snow texture that is used on top of the tree texture

To get a “powder” effect you could try to use tessellation or parallax shading -> a displacement map :slight_smile:
It works nearly the same to do that with sand -> the only difference is the specular effect -> take a look at the vehicle demo to see a good sand material :slight_smile:

Thank you for clarification :slight_smile: