Material Setup (Depth Map, Hi Gloss...)


I bought a texture pack for landscape one year ago. And now i want to use it in Unreal Engine. But i can’t use it exactly.

I have color, roughness, AO, bump, gloss, depth, hi-gloss and normal maps.

Here is the sample from the brochure:

Roughness map----> Roughness
AO map----> Ambient Occlusion
Normal map----> Normal

Gloss map----> Specular?
Bump map ----> Bump Offset node with normal map? or tesselation?
Depth map----> ??
Hi gloss----> ??

How can i achieve making same material on brochure?

Gloss and Roughness are the opposites of each other.
You use only one of them.

You may use the Bump Map with POM.

Use Depth map for POM.