Material Scaling

Does anyone have an idea whether the material with the texture applied to it scales as I scale the model inside UE4? As in the imported model is tiny and I apply a 100x scale on all the axes, would the texture scale and lose resolution and become blurry or are there optimisations in place to account for that?

Scaling the model will not affect the material. Scaling the model up is the same as moving the camera closer to it as far as the material goes. It can still become blurry

If you wish to scale the material you can use the TexCoord material node to change the Tiling.

The best practise is probably to try and make sure everything is modelled to scale from the start though :slight_smile:

Hi Moireibh,

Dieselhead is absolutely right. The texture will scale as the model scales. This is most certainly built into the engine. Some notes to add to what Dieselhead said are that if you import a 128x128 texture for, let’s say, a small glass bottle. If you scale this model up to some large size you’ll notice the texture resolution isn’t going to increase. It’s going to still be a 128x128 texture. It will be pixelated and blurry. However, if you use a 512x512 texture on a small bottle and scale it up it won’t look as bad. The texture will not have an issue showing details because it’s a larger size.

I hope that makes sense. If not, feel free to ask questions!

Thank you!


Indeed it does! Thanks much guys!