Material scale resets on Brush

Please excuse me if I lack the proper terminology, I’m extremely new to UE. Here’s the problem:

When I apply a material to a brush, and change the UV scaling settings, everything works fine. However, if I have, in some way, resized the brush, the material settings get reset once the viewport has refreshed.

To be more clear, let me explain the chain of events that occur.

  • I spawn a brush, in this case, a cube.
  • I scale it to 10 times its original size.
  • I apply one of the default materials to it, and change the scaling. I set U to 2 instead of 1, and V to 2 instead of 1.
  • Everything works.
  • (Here’s where the problem comes in.) If I click on any other element, and then back to the material options, it says the U in the scaling options is 1, and V is 1, when I already set them to 2 in the previous step.
  • If click on “build”, or if I move another brush, the scene refreshes, and the material resets to its original scale.

If I don’t edit the brush after I’ve spawned it, the material doesn’t change if I move another brush, or if I “build”. Although, every time that I check the material options, it’s always on the default scale of U = 1, V = 1.

I’m not sure why this is happening, but I assume that it’s not supposed to reset the values I’ve inputted.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I am having this exact same issue with materials.

Hey Vekxs,

Thank you for providing me with such detailed reproduction steps. I have verified that this issue is occurring and searched our system for this bug. It has been previously reported and fixed. There is expected to be a fix in an upcoming release. I can’t guarantee when it’ll be released at this time though however, the bug report does say 4.8.