Material renders incorrectly on tree

I’m trying to make a new tree for my environment in Unreal Engine 4.9.2 for mac, but for some reason the branch part of my tree is not rendering correctly. The trunk part of the tree is perfectly fine and takes to the material, its just the branch for some reason.

I made a imgur album detailing everything :

This problem is especially strange because I just finished making another tree which you can see in the same scene as this broken one in the album, and the branches on that one work fine.

Both the trunk mesh and the branch mesh are combined together in maya and then exported using the FBX export feature in Maya, also I haven’t gotten any error messages even though something is clearly wrong.

I appreciate any feedback or help you can give me!

looks definitely like uv problem you can view uvs in ue mesh editor window to check for eny problems, maybe correct uv’s were pushed to different channel, in that case you can use texture coordinate node in material editor to chose witch channel texture should use