Material renders differently on Mobile

So you just explained this to yourself. Mobile doesn’t support the “wireframe” option in your material settings.

I was wondering why when I use this specific texture, that it renders differently on Mobile then on PC and how do I fix this issue.

The Material:

PC Render:

Mobile Render:

Yeah I realized that lmao. Is there any way to make it work? Does anyone know how to make a wireframe-like material that doesn’t utilize the ‘wireframe’ option in the material setting?

Also, just for reference, I realized that the material itself only rendered as a wireframe on PC because the ‘Wireframe’ option was ticked under the ‘Material’ section of the Material Details in the editor.

Sort of noob here but, never got that deep into the internals of UED - but wouldn’t some sort of a transparent overlay texture w/edge lighting work in a pinch using multi-mesh objects, since UED Engines usually have a myriad of functions that many dev’s never use in their arsenal of features?