Material Rendering issue

When I import a mesh in unreal and apply a material (in this case a starter content grass material), i see distortion in the applied material.

If i apply a world_alligned_texture,the distortion goes away but when i move the mesh in my gameplay the material shifts as it is supposed with respect to world co-ordinate.

Is there a way to apply a material correctly, without world_aligned_texture.
Attached is the UV map that unreal generates on import. If it is a UV map issue how can i fix it in unreal, if not what is the issue?

I would like to solve the problem in unreal itself, not using blender, maya, etc as I am new to game development

Cheers and regards,

well no mistery here :slight_smile: it comes from your UVs that are pretty messy.
can t fix that in UE , better do that in your modeling software.
you may want to try anyway with the lightmap uv channel generated by UE. just add a texture cordinate node befor your texture sampler, and use channel 1 instead of 0 ,(haven t tested it yet but even if it works it’s far from being a good method to achieve that)

^ that wont work unless the uv0 is clean, and looking at those uv’s… they arent, so no use letting ue4 generating them, as they just re-order the uv-map thats already there.

so get a 3d program, and clean your uv’s.
(and perhaps not use a model downloaded from a random source)

Thanks for the suggestions, expose and Luos! Unwrapped the UVs in Blender and it’s working fine now.