Material reflects light through wall

Do you have reflection capture objects properly placed in the level? If not place reflection capture actors inside each room to block reflections from each other.

Hello Community,

we’ve got 4 light sources in room A. The problem is that the floor in room B reflects the light sources of room A.!

alt text

Are there any solutions?

Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely

Thanks for your solution but we decided not to place reflection captures in this level because the scene looks weird after placing them. Maybe that’s the reason why the problem doesn’t occur in our other levels.

Is there any other solution?

You can set Min. Roughness value of the light to 1 to get rid of such highlights on reflective surfaces.

That’s not good because our objective is to get a realistic result. If we place reflection capture actors, we could just lower the brightness, or?
Because if we place reflection capture actors, the scene gets an unrealistic brightness.

Can you post screenshots with reflection captures please?

Screenshots of the room where the light sources are?