Material Reflection Help!

I’ve just been messing around with some materials, tweaking settings, and i was trying to get a mirror effect with the material and it turned out pretty bad.
Could somebody help me with what i should do to enhance the reflection clarity and quality because there are multiple problems as you see in the picture below.


There’s horrible motion blur effects (when standing still), the reflection doesn’t reflect further then a few meters… etc

here is a picture of my material. (BTW i have ALL the graphics settings turned to max)


The preview looks great (as you see to the left) but in actual practice it looks horrible. I know its not epics fault, its probably something i didn’t turn on etc, id just like some help.

Reflection are actually correct, since SSR is limited to what it can see.
Your problem seems to be the fact that you need to set metallic to 1 to get a completely reflective surface, otherwise it will look darker.
Also, break the specular connection and leave that empty.
After doing all this, recapture the reflection. Once you do all this you should see something akin to a mirror surface. It will have distortion problems on the areas not covered by ssr, since the reflection capture is not perspective corrected.
If your ssr still looks lighter than the rest of the reflection adjust the output level inside the spherical capture details.

What you did was more black ceramic than mirror.