Material questions

Hi guys,
I’m migrating for UE4 so, I have some questions:
First, I created a material multiplying a Vector Parameter(Color) by a Param2D(Map) and connected it to Base Color.
So, when I create a instance, and choose just a color, Im getting a weird result.The color multiply the default map.
But, always I need to assign a map? Sometimes I’ll use a map multiply by color, sometime just the color.

Moving to rendering section

You must also choose texture, because if you don’t set a texture to use, the default one will be used.

If you don’t like this way, try to use StaticSwitch:

I’m also not sure what you are trying to do- you don’t need a map. You can put your vector parameter directly into base color.

Thanks guys!
AlFlakky, this is what I need! :slight_smile: