Material Question

Is there a way to only apply a material to a portion of the surface of a piece of geometry?

You can do that:

-with vertex painting ->
-material slots ->
-when you mean bsp brushes, then you should already be abel to do that -> just drag and drop the material onto one of the surfaces

You would need to create a multi-channel material in your 3d editor, where you select polygons and then choose the material ID slot. Then when you import into UE4 you will have more than one material slot for the mesh.

In 3dsMax, you would select the poly’s you want for material 1 and set it’s Material ID to 0 in the command panel, select some more and set the id to 1, etc. Then in the “Slate Material Editor” drag a “Multi/Sub-Object” node onto the graph and set the number of slots corresponding to the number of ID’s you set up. You don’t need to hook up anything else if you aren’t applying the material to the mesh in 3dsMax, it will just set up the slots for you.

I do mean bsp brushes, but I only need the material do be on a part of a surface, not the whole thing. Let’s just say I would like to apply the material to only half of one surface.

never mind, I thought about what you said and totally forgot bout splitting the geometry to make another surface. thought dotcam that is very interesting and will probably need that here in a bit.