Material quality level: force low quality?

In the editor there is an option to set the Material quality level to either high or low for the viewports. My question is when I run a standalone build the materials revert to high quality. Can I force all materials in my scene to stay at the low quality in standalone?

I’m attempting to get the most efficient materials for a VR project.

Feature Level Switch or Quality Switch node in material editor can help you prepare your materials accordingly. Other than those you may find some useful console commands over here:

The material quality level is determined by the r.MaterialQualityLevel CVar. You can set that on a device-by-device basis in DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini or based on scalability level in DefaultScalability.ini

Or in C++, you could do something like this

static IConsoleVariable* MaterialQualityLevelVar = IConsoleManager::Get().FindConsoleVariable(TEXT("r.MaterialQualityLevel"));
MaterialQualityLevelVar->Set(NewQualityLevel, ECVF_SetByCode);

(and of course you can also read from MaterialQualityLevelVar to get the current setting)

It’s an int and 0=low, 1=high