Material problem

Help the poor fellow. How do I properly configure the material of the torn tissue, as the problem I have is the following. When you connect the alpha to opacity with blend mode Masked it cuts the edges. If you do, connecting blend mode translucent edges begin to appear correctly, but the frieze of the fabric itself.
Below screenshots

There is “opacity mask clip value” parameter.
Try play with it in masked material.

I tried to twist this parameter, but the desired effect is not achieved.
Now I read most of the official material on the subject. And found that opacity mask sees only black and white reflection in alpha, and all halftone cuts. I recently switched from unreal to cryengine 5. There, this problem was solved with additional sss texture. How do I get a good result I don’t know. And for me is very important. Because it concerns not only tissues, but also in the texturing of the character’s hair and eyebrows, which needed very fine adjustment.

Check for similar assets in example projects.

Dear Redbox. thank you for your help. If you do not mind let me sslku on projects that I could look at similar materials, and I have already ransacked, and among the free demo found nothing. May not be there sought.

For cloth materials look into Realistic Rendering example project.

For characters -

Also check Content Examples project.

There are A LOT of content freely shipped with engine.

Thanks for the link. I will understand.