Material problem!


I’ll try make it short:
I have startet a new project (first person). Right clicked on the content browser and created a Material. Then I double clicked it and maked a “blueprint”,or whatever it is called, with two types of textures.
Now, when I import my heightmap, and use this as my material, my terrain automaticly get some grass and stone spread. Fine so far.
But then I want to paint some single textures with the brush, but don’t know how. There are no materials/textures under “target layers”. When I try to make a new material with all the textures I want, I can’t use it, cause it doesn’t show up under target layers.

Sorry my bad english, hope you understand.
I’m currently working on Unreal Engine 4.10.4

I really, really need help with this! Have been searching the internet for like 9-10 hours now.
Every tutorial just tells me how to create a material with paintable textures. But no one tell me how to use several materials on one project. I’m only able to use the material that I have added to the map when I imported it.

Try these

Thank you for answering! :slight_smile:
I have followed those steps from the beginning, but that’s not my problem :S

This is my “auto” paint material, witch I add to the project when I import my heightmap.

Here is my material number 2, where I have the textures I want to paint by hand.

And here is where my problem are.

I guess I’m doing something wrong.