Material POM PDO Does Not Seem to Work in UE5


just wanted to check if this is a known issue yet, and if there is any fix/work-around for it. In the below screenshot you will see that any material using POM PDO seems to not light properly with the new ligthting model. I am just using the “Content Examples” project POM PDO material, which when I tested the same setup on UE 4.27, worked just fine.


Looks correct to me… PDO pushes the pixel position behind the shadow depth map, it has always done this and likely always will. This is why the PDO meshes in the content examples has cast shadows disabled.

For reference here is what the content example looks like in UE4 if you turn cast shadows on and delete the fill lights:

Actually, in the sample I show, I’m don’t have shadows enabled. Though maybe this is something lumen is doing in that it’s trying to do the shadow cast, even when I set this setting in the material to false.

Maybe it’s being pushed behind the SDF, but honestly that really looks like virtual shadow maps to me.