Material Platform stats: Texture Lookups (Est.)

Hi All!

I’ve searched and found only token pieces of info surrounding this data in the Platform Stats of my materials: **Texture Lookups (Est). **
I’ve found some bloating of this value in some of my materials, depending on how textures are nested in Material Functions;
for example, Landscape materials where i’ve nested textures in Material Functions where the Material Attributes are output via the MakeMaterialAttributes node.

So I’m currently using 4.24 and have tested this in 4.25 - it appears fixed in .25, but it has left me with questions beyond the notion of ‘high numbers are bad, yo’…

I wanted to ask if anyone can shed light on how it’s calculated…
What is seen as a ‘high’ number for this value?
What are the consequences of too high a value?

Many thanks!