Material Parameter Collection Error

Anyone else getting errors when they use a MatParam Collection vector? I think it may be a bug, but I saw a coworker use it with no problems, and I was explaining how to do it, so its not like I missed a step. But at home I get an error every time I try to connect a vector as a color. I’ve attached an image of the connection switching from a parameter to a collection and error! Does anyone see what I’m doing wrong or is it a bug?

You need to use a component mask for RGB. that node passes a v4 since you selected a float4.

ah got cha. Thanks. It confused me because it worked some times and not others.

It would be nice that Vector from Material parameter collection would behave just as normal vector parameter. It just bit unintuitive that behavior isn’t same for two similar thing.

+1 agreed. Seems logical to work that way.