Material Orientation

Hi all,

I have some trouble with my force field mat’, as you can see in my attached image, the “scan line” are panning from a side to another side of the dome
but when I set this mat on a sphere The scan line are moving from the top to the bottom of the sphere.

How can I have the same effect on the dome.

in attachement you can see the part of the material which generate the scan line

Hello Talus,

I would recommend not using the mesh’s UV information, but rather generating this effect in World Coordinate Space.

I went ahead and built you a quick shader demonstration that replicates your concept (using vectors instead of textures). This shader will allow you to control all aspects of the scan (beams), as well as what global direction they travel in ([x,y,z] - regardless of their uv’s).

Feel free to ask any additional questions if needed.


Yeah thank you so much, it’s works great

But I have a little question :

How can I param the number of Scanline ? because when I have a big mesh I have so much line and too fine

You can change the number of scan lines by making the (Vector_Tile_[x,y,z]) values larger or smaller. For example, if you are using vector [y], then change the (G) value from the default image number (which is: 0.0025) to something like (0.01). You can also make the number smaller to create less lines (for example: change the value from 0.0025 to something like 0.0001).


Hell Yeah

thats amazing

Glad you found it useful :slight_smile: