Material opacity

So I’m a university student and I’m trying to do an effect kinda like this:

I can’t find much else on this, but I’ve done an effect on this except where instead of the object disappearing, the textures change. Does anyone know how I can do this please?

Material is a shader, and shader is a program that is applied to each every pixel of mesh (yes it’s 2D and textures are sampled based of UV maps of mesh to make mesh texture look like they are in 3D) , so you need to think more mathematically and that way you can figure this kind of stuff yourself. If you add transparency to other texture will only add transparency to that other texture.

For this you can either use multiplication to fade out old texture and inverted multiplication to make another apper and add those multiplication together. If you don’t understand what i said, just make what you did, but insted turning to transparent, make it turning to black, make another version with other texture in same material, but disappearance starts from below insted of above, when you got that add both together with Add node and valla

You can also use Linear Lerp to switch between textures, it allows to make a softer transition. this should work instintly if you plag your current transparency to “alpha” pin and two textures in to A and B