Material not supported during export

I have a static character mesh using 3DS MAX, when exporting to FBX, it gives me these warning: WDM modifiers from the following object(s) Modifier Stack have been disabled
for the export process:


The following lights are not supported by the plug-in and will not be exported:


Only those objects made use of Vray Material, and when imported to UE4, the objects lised above does not show up.
How to make Vray supported for FBX ??


FBX support only Standart 3DS MAX Shader. UE4 has own shader and light systems, which not compatible with Vray. And you need build shader and light from scratch.

I recommend for you read these documents about FBX Content Pipeline.

Use the Standard material, you can then use the most simple options like diffuse color and place your texture maps (it will import texture maps)

Ok, but is there a way to export the mesh with Vray as the VraySkin look very good ?