Material Not Showing

Hello. I have a material I made for a specific mesh. When I use the material on the ground it works but when used on the mesh it doesn’t. When I apply the material to my mesh it shows up as the color of the texture but not any of the design. As the design would change in the material the color is the only thing that changes on the mesh. I have tried scaling the material on the mesh but nothing has changed. Attached are images of the mesh and ground with the material as well as the material and material function blueprints. The material function has the water material blueprint copied over. I only took a screenshot of the unique section of the blueprint.

Heya, did the UV unwrap in your mesh also import ok?

I’m not sure. How would I check that?

Assuming it’s a static mesh: double-click the asset in the Content Browser then, in the Mesh Editor, hit the “UV” button in the top bar to see its UVs - if all is well, UV Index0 should match the unwrap you did in your 3D tool.

It would appear that they didn’t import well. When I click the UV button in Ue4 the box pops up but nothing is shown.

You did UV the mesh in your 3D tool, aye?

I didn’t. I’m new to this and that was the problem. I found mapping tutorials for blender and managed to get it working. Thanks for the help!

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