Material not rendering in-game properly?

So this material is attached to this character and moves via world displacement, but the effect only appears from a short distance. This character is scaled way up so it doesn’t show up at all. How would I make it where the material renders regardless of distance? I’ve tried tweaking LODs but I’m not really sure I know what I’m doing. Thank you!

It probably is caused by the character’s bounds not completely containing the material effect when it’s world displaced. Increase the bounds a bit or somewhat so the world displaced vertices are still within those bounds. One way to check this is click Show > Visualize > Out of Bounds Pixels. There’s also Show > Advanced > Bounds to display the bounds alone, without the color-coding for determining where pixels are out of the bounds. If it doesn’t help, try changing distance field or other shadow/light settings. It might be the character is so large that the distance field is not covering it, and therefore is unable to properly shadow and light the whole material effect, and is defaulting to the material without the effect.